Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the "Screamish"

Remember the teeter totter you enjoyed so much as a kid? Now picture it 900 feet above the ground. Add in a roller coaster element and you've got X Scream at the Stratosphere.

X Scream is definitely the ride of a lifetime. The open vehicle sits on a 69-foot-long roller coaster track, which is mounted to the base of the Stratosphere Tower's pod. But unlike the typical roller coaster track that takes you back to the ground, this one stops in midair at a 30-degree angle. For those who want the most daring experience, the front seat definitely delivers the best view. Riders feel like they're about to fly into the ground 900 feet below.

Just when you think you're going to fall face first, the track teeters backward. The vehicle then slides back and forth across the pivoting track. Reminiscent of a teeter totter, X Scream is a lot more exhilarating because it's much higher off the ground. Aside from X Scream's free fall sensations, the view of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding desert mountains make it all worth it.

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