Sunday, March 20, 2011

Santos says:

Fern Dell in Griffith Park "is quite literally a dell full of ferns--fifty different varieties at last count, along with a thick tangle of tropical trees and plants that fight for space amongst cedars and coastal redwoods planted along a lively brook that hosts a number of crayfish within it, and colourful blue and red dragonflies around it. the dell is always ten degrees cooler than anywhere else underneath its shady canopy, and although early morning walks often find it gray and foggy, I've encountered oppossums, squirrels and deer drinking from its rather clear depths. Yes, yes, I know, it's very 'Snow White,' but it's very charming. Although I am quite enamored by this bit of natural beauty, I do know its truths and am more than charmed by it, I am gleeful in sharing them to all and sundry (you, tg, you, and whoever else may be reading). You don't really have to look too closely at the winding paths and footbridges that follow the brook, the fakey wood railing that keeps you from falling into the water (theoretically), and the well built up stone beds to know that there is a certain manufacture about it, not to mention where in the world would you find hibiscus bushes naturally growing next to cedar trees? Here's the rub: the crystal clear waters of the stream that I tra-la-la along were actually a by-product of the cooling system used for the giant telescope housed in the Griffith Observatory, which is directly above Fern Dell. Instead of just letting the flowing water go to waste, it was channeled into this lovely little haven, and Fern Dell was born. (this however, is no longer the case, and there are currently plans to renovate the whole water system....) oh Hollywood, your Oz-ness is everywhere."

(excerpts from Santos' "Meet me at the corner of Third and Fairfax" blog -- Click on the heading above to visit her blog.

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