Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Is this picture the work of Ansel Adams?"

The long-running dispute over the legitimacy of a collection of "lost" Ansel Adams negatives found at a California garage sale has been settled out of court. The Bay Citizen reports:

Details about the settlement are confidential, according to a joint statement received today, but no money appears to have exchanged hands. The legal costs of each side's litigation were absorbed by the individual parties.

The basic facts -- the Adams Trust does not believe that the 65 images were taken by Adams, the Norsigian team believes in their authentication effort -- remain open to interpretation. But the prints, priced from $7,500 to $1,500, cannot be sold with any association with the Adams' name, although they will remain available online with a disclaimer approved by the Adams Trust.

Arts Beat says the most expensive print from the disputed cache of negatives is now priced at $960.

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