Sunday, December 05, 2010

"suicidal or exceedingly savvy?"

If you take stock of the Vegas landscape, it's no wonder several Las Vegas clubs are hosting "good riddance to 2010" New Year's Eve parties.

The construction cranes atop the flashy but bankrupt Fontainebleau resort, between the Sahara and the Riviera, haven't moved in months. Opposite the Riviera, plywood-covered fences try to hide the foundations for Echelon, a CityCenter wannabe whose owners have pulled the plug, at least temporarily. And at CityCenter, the multi-billion-dollar hotel/retail behemoth that debuted a year ago, the problem-plagued Harmon Hotel will not open this month as expected. Indeed, the owners have even discussed tearing it down.

Yet as Vegas seeks to close the book on 2010, the 2,995-room Cosmopolitan resort, sandwiched between CityCenter and the Bellagio, is to open its doors Dec. 15, raising this question: Are the owners suicidal or exceedingly savvy?

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