Monday, December 20, 2010

"It's a Gift" is a real treasure !!!

W. C. Fields, "It's a Gift"(1934) provided much praise for Mr. Muckle and Carl LaFong. They were involved in two of the best gags in what is arguably W.C. Fields' most satisfying comedy. Fields, who helped write the script under the nom de plume of Charles Bogle, plays Harold Bissonette, a small-town shopkeeper who is constantly being beaten down by his family, friends and customers, such as Mr. Muckle (Charles Sellon), a cranky blind man who is hard of hearing and by turns destroys everything in sight at Bissonette's store. Another high point finds Bissonette trying to sleep on the family's porch, where he is harassed by an insurance salesman looking for a man called Carl LaFong. The final scene was shot at Fields' own, new 7-acre estate in Encino.

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