Monday, September 13, 2010

New Campus has built-in history as it honors RFK

The site of Robert Kennedy’s assassination in 1968 opens Monday as the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools. Built at a cost of more than $578 million, the campus of six separate schools is the city’s most expensive. From the Wilshire Boulevard frontage, the main building looks like a modern reimagining of the historic Ambassador Hotel, demolished to make way for the school. All that’s left of the original is the east wall of what was once the Cocoanut Grove nightclub and a few salvaged items, such as an entry portal and a built-in clock.

Robert F. Kennedy -- 1968
Robert F. Kennedy -- His Words

The entrance to the old Cocoanut Grove was preserved and utilized.
The Ambassador Hotel, much as it appeared in 1968.

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Darren Blessing said...

Actually, the Cocoanut Grove was not preserved. It was completely remade from scratch. I was on the team that did all of the decorative artwork. What you are looking at is new art that was based on the original design. The only thing that is original is the East wall and the "drive-up" entrance.