Monday, April 19, 2010

"continued dominance of competitions robotic"

Hope Chapel students continued their dominance of competitions robotic, as they steered a low-slung, four-wheeled creation named 32 to victory in a frenetic, soccer-like tournament, vanquishing 57 other school teams from the greater Los Angeles area.

Hope Chapel Academy’s win in the FIRST Robotics competition at the Long Beach Arena marked its fifth regional title, to go along with a world robotics championship in 2005.

School mascots led cheers while about 1,000 spectators watched the Beach Bots team from Hope Chapel use remote-control joy sticks to pilot their 32 to victory in the finals. On a playing field with five other robots, 32 darted around the field of play, corralling soccer balls and “kicking” them toward a goal, and gained bonus points by using its single, vertical arm to hang from an overhead bar.

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