Monday, February 04, 2013

'White Zombie' starring Bela Lugosi comes to Blu-ray

The 1932 movie with 'Dracula' star Bela Lugosi as a sugar mill owner with a zombie workforce is on Blu-ray with a new digital restoration. 

 A year after his phenomenal success in 1931's "Dracula," Bela Lugosi delivered another iconic portrait of evil in the low-budget horror film "White Zombie." A new digital restoration of the film has just been released on Blu-ray. Lugosi plays Murder Legendre, the ruthless owner of a sugar mill in Haiti who uses zombie workers. He falls for a young bride-to-be (Madge Bellamy) and uses his black magic powers to make her his zombie lover. Considered to be the first Hollywood production featuring zombie characters, "White Zombie" has grown in reputation over the decades.

 Pictured: "The Black Cat" with Bela Lugosi, left, and Boris Karloff.,0,7700384.photogallery 

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