Friday, February 18, 2011

Jose Espinoza

Born in 1971 in Mexico City, from an early age he showed qualities for drawing, studying a degree in Architecture at the IPN, standing out brightly with the means of graphic expression as watercolor, gouache, and others, after almost two decades of life professional and self-taught experience with other media such as oil, pastel and acrylic, like many other architects return this passion for painting as a late vocation overflowing with an irrepresible need for visual expression using mainly online gallery to display his artwork .

The interpretive Artwork up the gallery, called IDENTITIES is fundamental iconic and figurative, about the cultural symbols that make up the author's environment. The medium chosen for this series helps to contextualize it is the genuine amate bark paper , from the Nahuatl "amatl tree-leaf" hand made in its various shades, and made from the same ancestral technique 3000 years ago for the realization of pre-Columbian codices, using mainly acrylic or mixed media with gold leaf, taking special care to enhance the feature-rich bark texture. Another element representative and also places it within contemporary art is its chromaticism.

Initially called the "yoke of the architect" take the hyper-realism, (a fundamental part of architectural expression), and having the intention to stay in, but the momentum quickly running out to undermine his chances for the richness and intensity of pictorial expression as chromatic wide and varied. Being in expectation of the broad and intense ability of each subject and work.

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