Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thousands of starlings descended upon Rome

From the series, Murmur, by Richard Barnes

Photographer Richard Barnes is one of those rare photographers who seems to find beauty wherever he looks. And it is impossible to peg him with a "style". He is perhaps best known for the photos he made inside a huge, otherwise empty US Military warehouse, of the Unabomber's rustic cabin — as it looked after it was transported there, completely intact (inside and out), for further forensic research. But his work streches far and wide. He also self-published (I think) an elegant, slim, large-format book of photographs he made over a period of many months while a former 19th century "pauper's cemetery" was exhumed and moved to make way for expansion of San Francisco's Museum of the Legion of Honor. On the few occasions I have had the pleasure to talk with him in person, I have been taken by his quiet, humble manner.

So, it was a delight to discover this wonderful narrated slideshow about his work about migratory starlings in The New York Times online version.

You can discover more about Richard Barnes at his web site.

And special thanks to Alec Soth's always interesting and provocative blog for pointing the way to this gem.

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