Saturday, July 03, 2010

Miss Kitty and Marshal Dillon

The "world's oldest profession" has long been a favorite subject in novels, plays, films and television. Real-life madams such as Sydney Biddle Barrows, a.k.a. the Mayflower Madam, and Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam, have captured the attention of the media and filmmakers for decades.

And let's face it, Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake) on the long-running western series "Gunsmoke" wasn't just serving drinks to Marshal Dillon ( James Arness) and the boys at the Long Branch saloon — and the second floor of her establishment was more than just a boarding house (even if censors of the time wouldn't allow anyone to say that).


Samantha said...

i personally disagree. miss kitty was in love with Matt Dillon. She would have given anything to marry him. She was always there when he needed her.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Blake said in an interview when asked what Miss Kitty really did for a profession, that Miss Kitty Russel was a Madame.

She only partnered in what I think was the 4th or 5th season though so that would indicate that she was a saloon girl prostitute before hand - to raise money.