Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"a new zero-emission electric"

Nissan announced pricing for its highly anticipated all-electric Leaf automobile Tuesday. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the 5-door hatchback will be $32,780 when it enters the market in December, or $349 per month if leased.

Applying the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles reduces the price of Nissan's zero-emission Leaf to $25,280. Californians are also eligible for an additional $5,000 rebate through the Air Resources Board.

"We wanted to be equivalent on a monthly operating cost to an internal combustion vehicle that's similarly equipped. That set the precedent for the price," said Trisha Jung, director of EV marketing and sales strategy for Nissan North America in Franklin, Tenn.

To determine its price, Nissan looked at the vehicles it felt were most likely to be cross-shopped by customers, she said, including the gas-powered Honda Civic ($22,255 MSRP) and hybrid Toyota Prius ($25,830 MSRP).

"Price," Jung said, "is important. It's is one of the favorite questions we've gotten over the past few months. We know consumers care about that."

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