Sunday, February 21, 2010

"lifeguard tower" ???

A custom home in the shape of an East Coast lifeguard tower with nautical features is on the market in Hermosa Beach. It's the latest offering from Lazar Design/Build in partnership with developer Kirk Enterprises.

Steve Lazar, who grew up in Pennsylvania and visited the Jersey shore as a child, said the images of lifeguard towers stuck with him. "There's nothing authentic about this tower," Lazar said. "It's strictly from my imagination."

Glass light wells, connected by heavy-gauge stainless-steel spider arm supports, separate the tower's four angled legs from the front half of the home, which resembles the bow of a double-deck ship.

Because of the home's proximity to the ocean, Lazar specified materials that could withstand the elements with low maintenance. All the exposed wood is Mangaris, a highly durable product that turns a silvery gray. The steel was allowed to rust to the desired color and then sealed.

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