Sunday, December 20, 2009

"A Thoughtful Voice Amid the Din"

I am a 66-year-old lifelong Republican who always enjoyed listening to Bill Moyers. ("A Thoughtful Voice Amid the Din," by Neal Gabler, Dec. 13.) With his unique personal style and calming voice he had the ability to discuss both sides of a political issue in a calm measured way that enabled you to understand his point of view and what the real issues were. The shrill, vitriolic ranting of talking heads like Bill O'Reilly or Donna Brazile regardless of party affiliation only serve to polarize every critical issue we face as a nation and leave a scorched earth landscape behind them where no rational discussion can take place in the middle.

Moyers' explorations over the years into topics centered around who we could be as a nation if we wanted to were often just plain inspirational.

Like Ed Morrow and Walter Cronkite before him, Bill Moyers is a once-in-a-generation broadcaster.

(Letter from Michael Joyce, Fort Lauderdale)

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