Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If you rob a bank be sure to leave your calling card !!!

A 40-year-old man allegedly robbed a Chicago bank Friday using a threatening note written on the back of his own pay stub, which was printed with his name and home address.

Thomas Infante walked into a Fifth Third Bank and handed a teller a note that read "Be Quick Be Quit. Give your cash or I'll shoot," according to an FBI affidavit filed Monday. The teller gave the man about $400.

The robber left behind his demand note, written on a torn half of the pay stub. Investigators found the other half -- with Infante's name and home address -- outside the bank.

"It's fairly unusual that we see something that specifically stupid," FBI spokesman Ross Rice said.

Infante was arrested at his home and later admitted to the robbery, according to the FBI affidavit. The image above is NOT Infante.

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