Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dazzling Farewell for Evel Knievel

I think it's safe to say: There will never be another Evel Knievel. It's highly unlikely that any other human on Earth will attempt so many grandiose stunts with as much verve and swagger, knowing from experience that he is just as likely to break his body into bits as to walk away uninjured.

But that was Evel Knievel -- crazy around the edges, but quintessentially American and legendary. He died Nov. 30 at age 69 -- a milestone no one would have expected him to reach considering the multiple concussions and dozens of broken bones he'd suffered attempting to launch bikes over cars, buses, sharks and canyons.

The final tribute to Evel Knievel will include a fireworks show and a funeral officiated by the televangelist Robert H. Schuller, the family of the motorcycle stuntman said Tuesday.

The fireworks show Sunday night in his hometown of Butte, Montana will be followed by a public viewing the next morning at the Butte Civic Center. A memorial service will begin Monday, also at the Civic Center.

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