Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Standing Room Only"

From the Fall of 1997 to March 2001 "Standing Room Only" was part of the campus landscape of Western Michigan University and a prominent and inviting image from Waldo Library. Artist Patrick Dougherty describes his artistic vision: "I believe one's childhood shapes his or her choice of materials. Mine came from the underbrush of my North Carolina home, a place where tree limbs intersected and I could imagine in the mass of winter twigs all kinds of shapes and speeding lines. When I turned to sculpture in the mid 1980s, the plentiful saplings along my driveway became the raw material with which to sketch out a series of large, gestural forms. It seemed easy to call up the forces of nature and incorporate the sensations of scoring, sheering and twisting into the surfaces of my sculptures, a body of work that I have come to think of as shelters of transition. . . ."

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