Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Fascination With the Ocean and With the Wildlife . . .

I had a great time at the beach today as I took my daily walk down along the ocean and out on the pier. I never knew much about Cormorants until today but . . .
as I stood on the pier looking down at the water, I noticed something very interesting. I've learned to always keep one eye on the water because you never know what you might see if you are alert. Sometimes it's seals, sometimes it's dolphins but today it was something new (at least for me). A dark bird, maybe a little larger than a seagull, was smimming along while devouring a fish and when he finished he took a dive straight down, disappearing from view. I watched closely for him to come up but he stayed under the water for what seemed like an impossible period of time. When he did reappear it wasn't long before he continued his diving excursions. He must have been going very deep judging by how long he stayed under. He and I both had a wonderful time. I'll have to watch for him again.
Here's one ready for his dive.

This Cormorant is coming up after making his dive.

After a successful dive this Cormorant came up with a fish.

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