Sunday, June 12, 2005


Some differences between present day baseball rules and 1886 rules:

Now: Pitcher may pitch to a batter however he pleases.
Then: Batter, through the umpire, calls for high or low pitches, or both.

Now: Four balls is a walk.
Then: Seven balls is a walk.

Now: Hit batter is awarded first base.
Then: A pitch that hits the batter is counted only as one ball.

Now: Foul tip caught by catcher is an out only on the third strike.
Then: Caught foul tip is an out any time.

Now: Foul ball is an out if caught on the fly.
Then: Foul ball is an out if caught on the fly or on the first bounce.

Now: Pitcher pitches from rubber on mound.
Then: Pitcher pitches from a flat 4 by 6-foot hurler's box.

Now: Pitcher must wait until batter is ready before pitching.
Then: Pitcher may pitch any time he is in his hurler's box.

Now: Pitcher must have ball if he puts foot on the rubber.
Then: Pitcher may be in his box without ball (thus the "hiddenball trick").

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Banjo Jones said...

Another difference -- segregation.

Thanks for the info!